“Simon was a very good driving instructor ideal for both myself and my wife. I had previous driving experience and my wife was a nervous complete novice. Both of us passed first time and did not take too long or too many lessons. I would recommend Simon to anyone.”

Andy and Hannah Farr in East Grinstead

“Simon was recommended to me by a friend whom he had taught to drive. I was very nervous as I was totally new to driving at the age of 33! Simon put me at ease immediately and I looked forward to my weekly lessons. I am now a confident, considerate driver and am sure that is due to Simons’ hard work and enthusiasm as an instructor.”

Leanne Tookey in Crawley Down

“Hey Simon , just wanted to say thanks for being such a great driving instructor, after having had several instructors that I couldn’t gel with it as been a pleasure being taught by someone that I feel really cares and understands me. I was never enthusiastic about learning to drive but you have made it so much more fun and interesting and I feel I made real progress. Although I have had to take a break until I have my baby, rest assured that I will be coming back to you so I can finish my lessons and pass my test which I have every confidence now that I can do!”

Catherine Parker in East Grinstead

(Catherine did come back and passed 1st time)

“I thought you deserved an email of gratitude. Thanks for being such a great driving instructor, for putting me at ease from the start with your calm, unflappable attitude and for your continuing patience which I’m sure I tested many, many, many times and a special, big, huge, massive, enormous thank-you for not letting me give up and making me believe in myself when I cried, screamed and just wanted to give in. Simon you’re a star and I’d recommend you to anyone that wants to learn to drive. Keep up the good work.”

Nicole Sullivan in Forest Row

“Being a nervous complete beginner I was dreading learning to drive but from my first driving lesson, I always felt at ease and comfortable. I had expected an Instructor to be a very strict school teacher type person but that wasn’t the case with Simon. Of course I made mistakes but he always dealt with them in a calm way rather than shouting at me like some of my friends say has happened with their instructors. Prior to the practical test, we did a mock test which was just like a real one to see how well I as doing and see if I was really ready. This also helped me at the real test as It gave me an idea of what it was going to be like.”

Benazir Mubarak in East Grinstead